Gamlingay Leisure operate the Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) at the site of Gamlingay Village Primary

Please contact us if you want to discuss a booking 01767 651 785 or email us at :

The surface and underlying 'shockpad' was replaced in August 2022. The site is floodlit and is marked for the following sports

  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Netball

Details of the new surface can be found here. Details of the permissible footwear for use on the playing surface can be found here

Details of the costs for hire and MUGA availability can be found here. However, the prices are currently set at:

Adult hire 1 hour: £30

Adult hire 10 session block booking: £280

Youth hire 1 hour: £25

Youth hire 10 session block booking: £220

If you are a registered club side, or a local group wanting a kick about on a regular basis, we are here for you!

TERMS & CONDITIONS – For hire of the MUGA for Football, Tennis, Netball, Hockey or any other group activity

·        Facilities mean the school premises (grounds and buildings) and any property on or part of the premises whether or not such property is owned by the School.

·        The Hirer is the person named on the application form as the Organiser together with the Organisation named. The organiser is assumed to represent and to have the authority to represent the Organisation.

·        Hirers must be over 18 years of age.

·        Period of hire will be determined through Clubright booking system.

·     Gamlingay Leisure will use its best endeavours to provide the facilities agreed but reserves the right to cancel any date of hiring or hire agreement without liability to the hirer or Gamlingay Leisure or the school.

·     Club and hirers whose members are under the age of sixteen must provide Gamlingay Leisure with a copy of their child protection policy and an employment check letter to verify that any coaches or instructors utilised have passed all the necessary Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks. Failure to provide these may result in the cancellation of the hire agreement without notice.

·        As a hirer of the facility are you familiar with the fire safety and evacuation procedures.

·        The Hirer must not undertake or permit any action which is illegal, or which will bring the school into disrepute or invalidate the school’s insurance.

·        Hirers will be held responsible for any damage to the school’s facilities or any losses resulting from the hiring.

·        Hirers must make themselves familiar with the Fire Safety procedures and must ensure all Fire Exits are kept clear.

·        At the end of the hire period the Hirer will remove all property belonging to the Hirer and leave the premises in a tidy condition.

·        The School and its Governing Body accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or accident as a result of any hiring except for public liability as property owners for which the School holds insurance.

·        Any club bringing electrical equipment on the premises must hold a portable appliance electrical certificate.

·        Charges subject to alteration. The hirer accepts responsibility of these conditions and agree to pay on demand the hire charges and any cleaning charges, which may arise from their hire.

·        All bookings will be through Gamlingay Leisure and / or the Clubright system

·        Cancellations by the hirer may not be refunded and is at the discretion of Gamlingay Leisure

·        Gamlingay Leisure requires 48 hrs notification prior to any cancellation.

·        Cancellations exercised by Gamlingay Leisure will be credited

·        We encourage all users of the site to walk to the MUGA and use the pedestrian entrance.

·        Car parking spaces are provided (please do not park in disabled spaces unless disabled badge)

·        On darker evenings the MUGA lights will be turned on and this is included in the hire costs.

·       The person responsible for the booking must retain a register of those attending their session and will act as a Fire Marshall to assist them leaving the MUGA in an emergency.

·        MUGA is a no Smoking Site and this includes the car park

·        No Studs or Blades to be worn on the pitch. Details can be found at: Footware

·        No Food or drink to be consumed on the pitch (Please use rubbish bins provided)

·        Person making booking must log in and out on the Clubright system at the Gym reception

·        Children not playing must be supervised at all times and must stay in the gated area next to the pitch

·        All players and attendees of the session must be off site when their session finishes and by 9:00. Gates will be locked promptly at 9:05pm

·        Vehicles must be off site before that time.

MUGA Fire evacuation procedures:

·        MUGA users will congregate at the play area to the rear of the playground

·        The GYM receptionist will inform you of when it is safe to return.